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Introducing Kevin Geoffrey's latest and most important work to date

BTS-3D-FacingRight-300 Kevin Geoffrey has drawn a line in the sand: the Scriptures are either defective and deficient, or sufficient and supreme... which side do you choose?

For too many in the Body of Messiah, the Word of God is a mere consultant with no authority. We refuse to permit Scripture alone to establish our priorities, determine our beliefs, and tell us how to live daily for the Master. In Bearing the Standard: A Rallying Cry to Uphold the Scriptures, Kevin reveals how we have collectively lost sight of God's Standard—how we are thoroughly oblivious to the influences that lead us to misplace and compromise God's perfect Word: the Scriptures. Bearing the Standard is a practical, prophetic, and foundational word to all of Messiah's disciples, calling us to boldly raise the banner of Scripture as the only sufficient and supreme standard for our lives.

The world is waiting for a generation of Standard Bearers who will stand firm on the unchangeable Word of God, no matter the cost...

...are you willing to join the cause?

Paperback • 182 pages • ISBN # 978-0-9837263-2-6 •

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